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Dabur Amla Radiance Creme Shampoo


If your hair are life less, if your hair structure is damaged by regular shampooing, blow-drying & chemical treatments and of you are suffering from split ends and hair breakage, do not waste more time…start using Dabur Amla Radiance Creme Shampoo. Also called as Dabur Amla Snake Oil Cram Shampoo it acts by coating the entire length of hair and helps repair split hair ends to give you revitalized hair that shines with life.

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To obtain maximum results from the Dabur Amla Radiance Creme Shampoo make sure while using the shampoo you massage your scalp using the tips of your fingers in circular motions for at least five times to give it a full cleanse. Additionally, ensure you rinse your hair through, take time on it and you will notice the difference. Amla Snake Oil essentials fortified with Amla Silica, helps in replenishing lost oils, binding and repairing split ends.

Amla Snake Oil has been developed by scientists at the Dabur Research & Development Centre, and has been successfully tested to offer the best formulation for hair protection across multiple consumer groups in the region. Dabur Amla Radiance Creme Shampoo coats the hair cuticles, smoothens and binds to help repair split ends. It also protects against the damaging effects of heat styling and harsh weather, while simultaneously replenishing lost oils to revive radiance of hair.