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Kings Curry Leaves


Curry leaves, known as kadi patta in hindi, is one of the common seasoning ingredients that is added to almost every dish to enhance its taste and flavor. Although, people rarely eat curry leaves, which is slightly bitter in taste still it is added in many dishes. Kings Cury Leaves is a packet containing high quality curry leaves that you can use as normal curry leaves for different purposes.

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Curry leaves are a sub tropical tree native to India. The green midsized leaves are joined to a main stem and have a faint aroma, which can be experienced while cooking. Apart from being widely used in medicines, kings Curry Leaves are widely used in many cuisines. These leaves are used extensively in Southeast Asian cooking, adding a very distinct flavor and aroma to an assortment of dishes.

Kadi Patta or Kings Curry Leaves can be added in almost all the recipes you prepare at home, as it is packed with numerous nutrients that are actually good for you. Right from helping your heart to function in a better way to enlivening your hair and skin with vitality, it is loaded with health benefits. You can primarily use Kings Curry Leaves in many Indian cuisines to temper recipes.

Use torn curry leaves or whole as a tempering agent for dals, rasams, sambhar, chutneys, dhoklas etc. To flavor Upmas and certain dishes you can chop Kings Curry Leaves and add them to it along with green chilies and ginger. Dry roast curry leaves and combine with dried red chilies, asafetida and urad dal to make spicy chutneys and powders which should be had with sesame oil and steamed rice.