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Pillsbury Multigrain Atta


Pillsbury Atta with Multi-Grain or Pillsbury Multigrain Atta was launched in 2008 in select cities, this is a first-to-market product developed with a unique blend of seven grains (wheat, oats, soy, raagi, barley, channa dal and maize) that are specially blended to provide all-around health benefits.

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Laying a pioneer role in creating and driving the “extra nutrition” segment in the branded Atta category and introduced Pillsbury Multigrain Atta with a unique blend of seven grains wheat, oats, soy, raagi, barley, channa dal and maize. Pillsbury Multigrain Atta offers consumers extra nutrition in the form of more protein, calcium and iron, without compromising the taste and softness of the rotis. While grains have been an essential part of the Indian tradition, the challenges of modern, urban living makes it difficult for consumers to source, grind and blend grains in the right proportions.

Now it is eay for moms to provide extra nutrition to their families with this unique offering. Now you never have to perform any running errands to get your wheat milled, General Mills brings its very own Pillsbury Multigrain Atta, a power of nourishment, rich in dietary fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. This wheat flour has the goodness of various grains of ragi, channa dal, oats, soya, and makka, making your chapatis and phulkas softer and healthier than ever. Due to the seven grains used in the multigrain atta, you get benefits of all grains and also it becomes high in fiber content and rich in Vitamin and Minerals to justify Pillsbury Multigrain Atta claims to offer extra nourishment.