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TRS Cornmeal Fine


TRS Cornmeal Fine leaves the germ and bran in that makes our 100% Stone Ground Fine Grind Cornmeal tastier and more nutritious. The fine cornmeal has a good amount of dietary fiber and a lot amount of naturally delicious corn flavor.

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The TRS Cornmeal Fine is more flour like and less toothsome than coarse-ground cornmeal. If you are making something that needs a softer texture but still has that delicious corn flavor, go for fine-ground cornmeal. Think muffins, spoon bread, pancakes and coatings for fried foods. Try using fine grind cornmeal for coating baked potatoes, which will produce super-crunchy skin.

The TRS Cornmeal Fine is also good for dusting pans at the time of baking breads. If you want to try and taste interesting bread recipe, then substitute all-purpose flour in your favorite bread recipe with 1 to 2 cups pleasing fine cornmeal. It is also a wonderful in cornbread and muffins. The de-germinated TRS Cornmeal Fine has a longer shelf life. Therefore, you should not worry about storing option of the cornmeal If you are not a frequent cornbread baker, or you do not have the freezer space.