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TRS Gram Flour


Superfine gram flour, also called besan, is widely used flour in Indian cuisine. Gram flour is made from chana dal (an Indian variety of chickpea) which is hulled and split, ground into fine-textured, yellowish, gluten-free flour. The TRS Gram Flour has a subtly earthy aroma and slightly nutty flavor.

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TRS Gram Flour is one of the best gram flours in market that is processed using advanced techniques and natural ingredients. It is easy to cook and add special taste to the food items. The gram flour is easy to digest and rich in taste. TRS Gram Flour is a versatile ingredient, which is used in versatile Indian cuisine in both sweet and savory dishes, such as dumplings, and to make Indian sweets, such as laddoo. Gram flour is perhaps most commonly used to make onion pakoda.

Thus, if you are planning to cook pakoras at home then the first thing you will need is TRS Gram Flour. You can make pakoras at home by mixing finely chopped onion, with gram flour along with spices, which often is ajwain, and water to form a thick batter, spoonfuls of which are then deep-fried until they become golden-brown and crispy. Serve these pakoras with coriander and coconut chutney with a bit of garlic and tomato paste in it.