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Shan Chappli Kabab Mix


If you really like kebabs then you should try making chali kabab with Shan Chappli Kabab Mix. It is the signature product of Shan Masala Mix as the International Taste and Quality Institute honored it with Superior Taste Award in 2010. Chapli Kabab represents Pashtun cuisine, which are beef mince patties that are quite spicy and commonly eaten with flatbread

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The best thing about this Pashtun cuisine is it is easy to prepare at home if you have the right quality and precise amount of ingredients. The basic ingredients you will require to make Chappli Kabab at home are Beef mince, finely chopped onion, chopped green chili, salt to taste, red chili flakes to taste, all spice garam masala, Chinese salt, coriander seeds, ginger garlic paste, gram flour, coriander, mint leaves, spring onions, egg, tomatoes and a packet of Shan Chappli Kabab Mix.

On the back of the box there is a little section called ‘Balti Kabab’ and it gives optional additions. The recommended additions lead to a recipe similar to what Chapli Kabab would taste. Shan Chappli Kabab Mix is the signature product of Shan Foods Pvt Ltd and it is hygienically packed to retain freshness and aroma of the spices used in it. Shan uses Coriander, Red Chili, Cumin, Ginger, Dried Onion, Salt, Pomegranate Seeds, Wheat Grain/Corn Flour, Black pepper, Black Cumin, Garlic, Cassia, Mace, Bay Leaves, Fenugreek leafs, Nigella seed and citric acid to make this flavorful and aromatic Shan Chappli Kabab Mix.