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Shan Dahi Bara Chaat Masala


If you have even been to India, then surely you might have eaten dahi-wada or you have at least heard of it. In India and abroad dahi-wada, is one of the famous savory dishes liked and loved by many. Shan Dahi Bara Chaat Masala is an expressly formulated spice blend that adds a sweet, spicy and delicious taste to the dish.

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Dahi-wada is a classic Indian dish and that will remain classic if prepared using Shan Dahi Bara Chaat Masala – CTN. If you want to cook dahi-wada, which is soft and spongy enough making you feel never want to get over it, then you need a correct amount of ingredients. Urad Dal also called as black lentils ghee or oil, sieved and chilled yogurt, icing sugar and a packet of Shan Dahi Bara Chaat Masala.

The recipe is printed on the back of packet following which it is easier to make deep fried dumplings soaked in water to finally bury them under smooth and creamy layer of beaten curd. The Shan Dahi Bara Chaat Masala is prepared using spice ingredients like Red Chili, Paprika, Salt, Coriander, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Cumin, Brown Cardamom, Clove, Mace, Long Black Pepper, Citric Acid.