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Bigen Men’s Beard Color BMB-101 (Natural Black)


A wide range of options from henna product to hair dye is available in the market to color your beard. Bigen Men's Beard Color BMB-101 (Natural Black)does have a word ‘Beard’ in their product name that is specially enriched with Aloe extract and Olive oil to evenly color the grays in your beard.

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Bigen Hair Color is actually ‘Hoyu’ a premier hair coloring company that has not only earned an acclaimed reputation in Japan but has its presence and is one of the leading providers of hair color and hair care products in more than 70 other countries. Determined to stay ahead of the latest trends, Hoyu has continually introduced products that have been heralded as unprecedented in its field.

Bigen Men’s Beard Color BMB-101 (Natural Black) is just one of the products of Hoyu meant to offer natural black color to the graying beard. B101, B102 and B103 are the three primary shades in Bigen beard color wherein B101 is Natural black, B102 is Brownish Black and B103 is Dark Brown. When you buy Bigen Men’s Beard Color BMB-101 (Natural Black) you get two tubes inside the box, one is color and one is developer. Squeeze the contents of two tubes equally and mix it in a tray. A specifically designed applicator comb is present in each box that will help you evenly color your beard by reaching to the difficult parts of your face. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse your face. Normally the color will last for about 1 to 2 months.

Bigen Men’s Beard Color BMB-101 (Natural Black) is formulated especially for coloring beard that thoroughly colors your beard with hardly any staining of the skin. Therefore, the stain is much less compared to similar products. Almost all the Bigen Beard Colors leave no stain without staining your skin. Being a high-viscosity cream it is a no-drip creamer. With the Fast-Touch comb, it becomes easier to apply the color to any part and any style of beard.