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Bigen Speedy Color BSC-S (Brownish Black)


Undergoing a remarkable transformation over the years and coming up with formulations, colors and packaging that were more attractive to a wider consumer market Bigen Speedy is a complete hair coloring kit. Being the most convenient to use and the high technology used to help color your hair perfectly in 5 minutes of development makes Bigen Speedy Color BSC-S (Brownish Black) one of the best hair colors in market.

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For more than 20 years Bigen Speedy is one of the dominant brand of Hair colorant in Asia. Bigen Speedy is so simple and easy to use and has consistent and beautiful result. Developed with 6 herbal conditioners like Balm Mint, Fennel, Hops, Chamomile, Mistletoe and Yarrow Bigen Speedy Color BSC-S (Brownish Black) is a non dripping and non messy hoar colorant used and admired by many. B (Natural Brown), C (Warm Chestnut), LC (Light Warm Chestnut), N (Natural Black) and S (Brown Black) are the primary color shades present in Bigen Speedy Hair Color.

The Bigen Speedy Color BSC-S (Brownish Black) is developed with such technique that is requires only 5 minutes to resort even color after developing it. The Unique “Vital-Moisturizing Formula” in the color enriches, moisturizes, conditions & protects your hair. It is economical because you can use only the necessary amount and keep the rest of the products for future applications. The best thing about Bigen Speedy Color BSC-S (Brownish Black) is you get a specially designed Applicator Comb with the packet.

The recommended way to use Bigen Speedy hair color is to squeeze cream from tube 1 to fill up one groove on Applicator Comb. Then squeeze the same quantity of cream from tube 2 to fill up the other groove on Applicator Comb. Starting from the greyest area start applying the cream by combing your hair and continue until all hair are well covered. The recommended waiting time is 5 minutes, afterwards rinse hair with warm water. Use shampoo and conditioner. Within minutes, your hair will look shiny and evenly colored.