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Ahmed Chilli Pickle


Ahmed Chilli Pickle uses less hot or medium hot green chillies to make the pickle. More often, Indian variety of green chillies is used that are medium hot.

The pickle has ground mustard seeds, turmeric and lemon juice which imparts a major flavor, aroma and taste, not to forget the presence of green chilies too.

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Ahmed Chilli Pickle tastes same as ready-made Green Chilli pickle and has a long shelf life. Due to the pungent taste of mustard added in this pickle it gives a addictive and nice flavor.

If you are great fan of homemade pickles made with high quality ingredients then you should try this pickle that is prepared in the most hygienic manner. Fresh green chillies, salt, ground turmeric, Oil, black mustard seeds, garlic, chopped roughly, safflower oil, fenugreek seeds, nigella seeds (black cumin seeds), ground asafetida are some of the common ingredients used to make Ahmed Pickle.

The chilli pickle is perfect in sandwiches, salads or when served alongside cold meats. You could also buy it to give someone a tasty food gift. The Ahmed Chilli Pickle goes very well as a condiment with simple Indian meals like dal-rice, curd-rice, veg pulao and even with roti-sabzi. They also go well with stuffed parathas or plain parathas.

Please remember, Ahmed Chilli Pickle is a delightful way to spice up any meal. Indian meals are generally served with a variety of condiments, of which pickles are the most common. This is a rather hot and spicy pickle, not for the timid palate by any means.