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Ahmed Hyderabadi Mango Pickle


When mango is in season, mango pickle will appear more in our kitchens. Nevertheless, is it possible to taste or prepare mango pickle when there is no mango season around? Of course, yes! You can prepare mango pickle even if there is no mango season using Ahmed Hyderabadi Mango Pickle.

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Mango is one of the most cultivated fruits in tropical areas of the world; it is native to the South Asian areas of Eastern India, Burma and the Andaman Islands. India is a place where most of the mango production takes place but Indians consume majority of total mango production leaving very less scope for export.

Additionally, India is a place that makes very best use of mangoes using it to prepare different cuisines and dishes like pickles, chutneys and sweets. Pickling is one of the oldest methods of food preservation and it is considered as a method to preserve foods that are either exotic or seasonal and limited by nature and cultivation.

Ahmed Hyderabadi Mango Pickle is prepared using the best quality of unripe mangoes and is prepared with the utmost care so that the pickle is not spoiled and is preserved for all year long. Mango Pickles are a good source of antioxidants and naturally, fermented salt pickles encourage the growth of probiotic or gut-friendly bacteria, which helps in food digestion.

Thus, Ahmed Hyderabadi Mango Pickle offers all these advantages to when consumed. Apart from that, fresh mango pickle is also a good source of essential minerals like iron, calcium and potassium and vitamins like Vitamin C, K, A and folate. Ahmed Hyderabadi Mango Pickle is packed with all these nutrients, care is taken to ensure its freshness, and longer shelf life is maintained.