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Gits Vermicelli Kheer Mix


Vermicelli Kheer also called as Seviyan Kheer in India is one of the delicious Indian desserts made with milk and vermicelli strands. Made during auspicious occasions, vermicelli kheer is often served as an accompaniment or as a side dish during lunch and dinner. If you are looking forward to prepare vermicelli kheer at home but are confused where to start, just bring home a packet of GITS Vermicelli Kheer Mix and everything will be easier for you.

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Vermicelli kheer (Seviya kheer) is one of the traditional dishes of India which is made in every Indian household for special occasions like Birthdays, Rakhsha Bandhan and Eid. Seviya kheer is prepared with Seviya (vermicelli strands), milk and sugar. First the seviya are roasted in ghee or butter which gives it a nice aroma and taste then it is boiled in milk and sugar, nuts are add to it. This delicious dessert can be served either warm or chilled.

GITS Vermicelli Kheer Mix offers you a better option to prepare this delicious sweet dessert in an easy, quick and effortless manner any day to satisfy your sweet tooth. The ingredients used in the GITS Vermicelli Kheer Mix are Sugar, Vermicelli (17%), Raisins, Milk Solids, Starch, Almonds, Pistachio Nuts, Cardamom, and Saffron. The three step recipe to prepare vermicelli kheer is to start by blending the contents of the pack with 600ml (20 1/4 fl.oz) Milk, brink to boil stirring continuously, then Simmer for 15 min. or until the desired consistency. Stir occasionally and Serve hot or cold.